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Monday, January 18, 2010

What's New in MINDMAP 6

Improved PowerPoint Export
  • New outline mode added exports mind map content into an easy to edit slide presentation, based on selected parameters at time of export while using a supplied template or one of your own.
  • Map/Slide Show mode exports map into a map view.
Automatic Generation of Hyperlinks
  • Automatic generation of hyperlinks to documents and folders by dragging and dropping an icon on to the selected topic.
Full Screen Mode (F5)

One-Click Navigation
  • Left click any corner of a map, and then hold down the mouse button to select any area of the map you want zoom in.
  • Release the mouse button to return to normal view.
MINDMAP for Projects
  • Tight integration between ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PROJECT. Same file structure is used for both applications to maintain formatting.
Snow Leopard Support

Available in English, German, and French
  • The ConceptDraw MINDMAP interface (Windows) is now available in English, German or French language .

Define Project Milestones
  • New check box in task pane to define a project milestone
New Types of Topic Relationships
  • General, Start to Start, Start to Finish, Finish to Start, Finish to Finish
New .cdmz File Format Developed
  • Files created in .cdmz format contain a zip archive of xml-formatted document, which is available for further processing.
Updated Send Map by Email Feature
  • Your mind map and a .PNG  of the map view is generated and attached to the e-mail being sent.
Attach Multiple Symbols
  • Attach multiple symbols to a topic using the Drag & Drop function from the ConceptDraw MINDMAP Symbols library.
Search and Replace for Topics, Notes, Hyperlinks or Resources.

Use Standard or Modified Objects from ConceptDraw PRO in MINDMAP

Automatically Name Map Pages
  • New map page is automatically named after main topic. Pages can also be easily reorganized to improve organization.

Added Support for Fractional Time Periods for Tasks
  • In MINDMAP 5, only integers could be added.

Improved Operation in Outline Mode
  • Improved Copy/Past of Outline 
  • Improved Export/Import of Outline
  • Improved navigation within Outline using keyboard arrows.
Extensive and Useful New Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Promote or demote a subtopic
  • Rearrange topic position by using Ctrl + (an arrow key)
  • Take notes in a meeting without ever touching your mouse! 
  • Keyboard shortcuts are located in Help.

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