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Monday, January 31, 2011

ConceptDraw PRO 9 is here

ConceptDraw PRO 9 is a powerful
drawing and diagramming application
that supports Mac OS X and Windows 
  ConceptDraw PRO is a best-in-class drawing and diagramming tool for idea expression, visual communication, and giving presentations. ConceptDraw PRO can be used to build flow charts, organizational charts, floor plans, software GUI prototyping, IT documentation, diagramming, engineering, and dynamic scoreboards that reflect your organization’s key performance indicators. ConceptDraw PRO is a drawing dynamo that makes it easy to convey your ideas and data to a wide audience.

From your ConceptDraw PROJECT data, ConceptDraw PRO can automatically draw Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Timelines, PERT Charts, and dynamic scoreboards that track project status up to the minute with your project data. ConceptDraw PRO can also generate a Fishbone Diagram or an Organization Chart from your ConceptDraw MINDMAP data. In addition to the extensive functionality of ConceptDraw PRO, ConceptDraw Solution Park provides many professional solutions that can be used for specialized drawing exercises, extending the value of ConceptDraw PRO in the future. ConceptDraw PRO can import and export Microsoft Visio XML files, extending your ability to work with others outside of your organization.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Six Sigma Applied to Healthcare Using ConceptDraw Products

ConceptDraw MINDMAP and
ConceptDraw PROJECT, integrated
with ConceptDraw INGYRE2
technology, are powerful work tools
that take on any size project.
Setting the Stage

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, recently completed a project to re-organize its health insurance validation process. Consultant Ralph Jarvis and his team used ConceptDraw’s brainstorming and the project management capabilities to create a new process that will be rolled out to 11 affiliated hospitals across Texas.

“The goal was to improve the patient experience by reducing wait times,” Jarvis says. “By reusing information, the hospital could ensure that its patients wouldn’t have to fill out insurance forms each time they moved within and between hospitals in the consortium,” Jarvis says. “ConceptDraw was a great communication and management tool. But what made it really stand out was that it also made it easy for us to demonstrate to hospital execs how our Lean Six Sigma approach was producing results.”

Building a Plan, One Idea at a Time

Jarvis says the project was actually made up of three smaller projects. The Six Sigma Black Belt project team used ConceptDraw MINDMAP to manage the brainstorming sessions for each focus area.

“First we used [ConceptDraw] MINDMAP’s brainstorming capabilities to create a visual representation of our thinking. What kinds of things did patients do while they were in the hospital? How much time was spent in any one step of care? How much time did it take to go to the next step, such as getting a CT scan, an MRI, or blood test? What could the hospital do when patients first entered the hospital that would ease patients’ stress and give them a positive experience?”

From Brainstorming to Planning

To facilitate the next step in the process, Jarvis’s team moved from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to ConceptDraw PROJECT and created a project management plan.

“The two programs share a common technique of storing data, so we could instantly view all of the brainstorming details inside a standard project plan,” Jarvis says. “That enabled us to jump right into establishing project timing, coordination among the various departments, and milestones and guidelines.”

Perfect for Lean Six Sigma

Jarvis says the ConceptDraw suite is appropriate for Lean Six Sigma because his team could use MINDMAP to pursue three integrated processes and then put them together into one project. Then the team could use PROJECT to create a timeline and complete a specific Lean Six Sigma model.

“What you're really trying to do with Six Sigma is to create a perfect process that eliminates defects—all the things that don’t add value to the end customer. You want to increase the customer's satisfaction with your products or services, and reduce costs associated with defects and inefficiencies. It’s all about focusing on what you need to get to the marketplace and satisfy the customer's needs. It's as simple as that.”

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Risk ConceptDraw Maintenance

ConceptDraw Maintenance Assurance P1
 is focused on reducing our customers
 total cost of ownership.
With the latest release of ConceptDraw Office Suite 2, we have also updated our maintenance program. Previously, our maintenance program was based on a time period of one or two years. Customers who had an interest in purchasing maintenance had to renew their contracts on an annual or semiannual basis, while waiting for the next major release. With the launch of ConceptDraw Office 2 we have also introduced innovation in our maintenance program.

We have developed a new program that eliminates the guessing game of maintenance. We call it ConceptDraw Maintenance Assurance P1. Add it at the time of purchase, and don’t worry about release dates.

It’s pretty basic. When you add CDMA to your purchase, whenever the next major version is released, you get it. No more asking, “Is the company going to release a new version during my maintenance agreement?” Simply put, when the next one comes out, ConceptDraw Solution Browser will notify, and you will be entitled to upgrade at no charge. You will also have the option to renew your CDMA at that time for the next release. When you purchase CDMA with your product, the next major release is at no charge. At the time of the next major release you will have the option of buying CDMA for the following release.

With ConceptDraw Maintenance Assurance P1, you are purchasing the next major release, NOT purchasing a term insurance plan that might expire before you get to use it. And since CDMA is significantly less than the cost of a new license, the potential savings over the life product are very high.

In addition to these benefits, ConceptDraw Maintenance Assurance P1 holders are entitled to priority status with phone, email, and web ticket support.

Friday, January 21, 2011

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 is here

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 is the latest release from
CS Odessa, it supports Mac OS X  and MS Windows

ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides a fresh approach to computer-based mind mapping by providing single-click inputs and outputs. Mind mapping has now become an everyday tool that takes you from thought to action in minutes. ConceptDraw MINDMAP makes everything you do easier, from planning to managing; from meeting management to status reports; from brainstorming to presenting. The distance from A to B has just been dramatically shortened.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides enormous value through its comprehensive feature set as well as solutions for ConceptDraw MINDMAP that can be added through ConceptDraw Solution Park. CS Odessa provides a growing number of solutions in ConceptDraw Solution Park that will extend your product's value into the future. ConceptDraw MINDMAP integrates with ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO to extend your work capabilities from start to implementation stage in an instant. ConceptDraw MINDMAP has great import and export ability, including the ability to open and save MINDJET MindManager maps.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Present From ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Slides Exported From ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 map (click to forward)

Many people use mind maps every day, for any number of business activities. They brainstorm, organize their ideas and data, build documents, etc. But what if you could also deliver powerful presentations with all of that information from within your mind mapping tool?

With ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7, you can create professional, flexible presentations that utilize your map content you have already created.

The presentation functionality in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 is a great tool for meetings. Quickly incorporate new data—like feedback from team members—so your presentation is always relevant and up to date.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 also gives you flexibility with how and what you present. Select and present only the content that is relevant to your audience. Choose a map style that complements your presentation. This allows you to give different presentations to different audiences, all from the same file!

Imagine the time it normally takes to prepare a presentation. Then imagine all of the time you’d save by utilizing your existing mind map data to prepare your presentations, without having to use a separate application.

Contact us today to order ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7, and start saving time and money.