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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Present From ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Slides Exported From ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 map (click to forward)

Many people use mind maps every day, for any number of business activities. They brainstorm, organize their ideas and data, build documents, etc. But what if you could also deliver powerful presentations with all of that information from within your mind mapping tool?

With ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7, you can create professional, flexible presentations that utilize your map content you have already created.

The presentation functionality in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 is a great tool for meetings. Quickly incorporate new data—like feedback from team members—so your presentation is always relevant and up to date.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 also gives you flexibility with how and what you present. Select and present only the content that is relevant to your audience. Choose a map style that complements your presentation. This allows you to give different presentations to different audiences, all from the same file!

Imagine the time it normally takes to prepare a presentation. Then imagine all of the time you’d save by utilizing your existing mind map data to prepare your presentations, without having to use a separate application.

Contact us today to order ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7, and start saving time and money.


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