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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ConceptDraw MindWave Integrates With SAP® StreamWork™

SAP StreamWork has three pricing models
1) Basic Edition  - free account,
2) Professional Edition, & 3) Enterprise
Edition - "On Premise" solution
Clear, concise, comprehensive, collaborative communications creates commodious comprehension in corporate culture. Yes, collaboration between individuals, teams and groups is paramount to success in our fast paced environment we live in. Ambiguous communications between individuals causes problems. The newspaper reporter's mantra of who, what, where, when and how is critical today in understanding one’s job.

The great clarifier of work communications is the “meeting”. In the recent past the issue with meetings was that as teams become more dispersed the cost of meetings increased. The cost of communication became prohibitive. Enter today an effective economic solution that works for everyone from the small business person to the large corporation. SAP StreamWork is a cloud-based collaborative decision-making solution that brings together people, information and structure to help teams solve problems, brainstorm, collect feedback, build consensus and/or drive decisions. SAP StreamWork provides a reliable, safe and secure collaboration backbone that is accessible to anyone. Teams are free to meet, share documents and take decisions based on team contributions.

ConceptDraw MindWave used in conjunction with SAP StreamWork provides a great mind mapping tool that collects, organizes and presents meeting content. By using ConceptDraw MindWave and ConceptDraw Office (a powerful suite of products including ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT, and ConceptDraw PRO), with SAP StreamWork, teams can visualize the process of collaborative decision making, and quickly transition from planning to implementation.

Information on ConceptDraw MindWave can be found on the ConceptDraw product site and the SAP EchoHub site.

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