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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Organizing and Selecting Social Media Response Messages

Using flowcharts and Action Mindmaps
to improve Social Media effectiveness.
Interactive Flowcharts can change the way one creates and organizes their social media response process. ConceptDraw PRO provides tools to develop a response flowchart that can be connected with Action Mindmaps. Visual navigation through the stages of a response process helps you locate specific actions to be taken via Action Mindmaps. Action Mindmaps can be used to describe primary messages and good additions, show examples of messages, and also define the main objective of messaging for a specific situation.

Using a combination of Interactive Flowcharts with Action Mindmaps helps professional social media teams be more proactive by being prepared with proper responses. Social Media Response solution minimizes Time to Response, improves the quality of responses, and assists in your entire marketing strategy.

Social Media Response Flowchart

Social Media Response Flowchart

The response process consists of three major stages. These stages are easy to identify: review an input, evaluate specifics of the case, and respond.

They can be visualized by three vertical columns (swim-lanes) which collect the items identified for the appropriate stage.

The review stage is involved in assessment of the first impressions from received inputs. The evaluation stage is used when making decisions for the case you are dealing with. The response stage is intended for choosing the proper responsive action to take.

Action Mindmap

ConceptDraw Action Mindmap

A response Action Mindmap organizes actions, scripts, advice, and work examples into a one-page visual assistant, useful for dispersing out to a team.

An Action Mindmap contains four major branches helping determine a responsive action - Primary Messages, Good Additions, Examples, and Objective.

Connecting a Response Flowchart with an Action MindMap

Connecting Response Flowchart to
Action Mindmap
Connecting items between a response process flowchart and Action Mindmaps is as easy as assigning hyperlinks to objects.

The solution provides a set of special symbols (“Action Mindmap” objects) intended to be used on flowcharts to symbolize connections and hyperlinks with Action MindMaps. These objects contain hyperlinks to mind map documents and can be titled and colored on the flowchart. When modifying a response process, these objects can be easily moved (drag-and-drop) between flowchart items without any need for editing. This helps provide meaning for the newly constructed response process as it refers to the same Action MindMap and will be used during other steps of the process.

From a practical stand point, “Action Mindmap” symbols are a great time-saver which makes reworking the response process much easier.

Checklist for Preparing a Social Media Response Flowchart.

Critical steps one must follow when developing a Social Media Response Flowchart.
Check Point 1. Create a flowchart describing the process of response to social media.
Check Point 2. Distribute Action symbols on the flowchart items according to the necessary response.
Check Point 3. Create set of Action Mindmaps describing the messages and details.
Check Point 4. Assign hyperlinks for Action symbols on the flowchart to connect to specified mind map.

Your Social Media Response Flowchart is ready!

Flowcharts can be developed in any sequence. The critical steps involved in creating a flowchart can be completed in whatever order works for your team, whether you choose to start by identifying Action Mindmaps or you choose to first develop the flowchart describing the bigger picture of how you want to organize your social media response process. If your response process is part of a larger project and you also want to work with a Gantt chart, you may also incorporate ConceptDraw Project in order to connect Action Mindmaps with project Gantt charts.

Now organizing the response process for social media teams can be quicker and easier. Interactive flowcharts help to facilitate the training of your team, increase the quality of your responses, and will make you more prepared and proactive when responding to occurrences in social media.

Written by Gregory Zhukov, President CS Odessa

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  1. All these charts and diagramms looks so professional. I'm using a new version of Conceptdraw at the moment and I am very impressed with it. I was using it a lot since they released collaboration with MS Word and Evernote which I use hardly. Smart Connectors are also fantastic. I’ve never seen such a logical and obvious work of software. Objects now are connected automatically into a chain or tree. Fantastic!