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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Better Way to Manage PR Campaigns Part 2

In the first post on this issue, I was discussing how to use MINDMAP to organize your media targets. The nice thing about the map is that you can have all of the ways to contact or follow them on one screen. You may have other places, such as Hootsuite, to follow people in social media.

But sometimes you want to just jump right in and see what a reporter is tweeting about right that instant. The map format makes that easy to do:

You'll notice on that you can also add the pitch you're going to use for each reporter, the subsequent email correspondence you have with them, and the ultimate outcome--either a link to the published article, or the dreaded "thumbs down."

And when the campaign is finished, you can copy and paste each reporter's branches to your main Media Contact map to continue building a history of your relationship with that particular person. More on this later.

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