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Thursday, March 22, 2012

ConceptDraw Rapid UML

The newest Solution for ConceptDraw PRO 9, Rapid UML, presents a batch of new templates and library objects that integrate with ConceptDraw PRO’s intuitive RapidDraw feature to make object-oriented modeling for software systems easier than ever before.    

Included in the Rapid UML Solution are thirteen of the most commonly used UML diagrams, including Activity, Class, Communication, Component, Composite Structure, Deployment, Interaction Overview, Object, Package, Sequence, State Machine, Timing, and Use Case. Focusing on the Structure and Behavior categories, and the Interaction subcategory, these diagrams provide an essential set of tools for software engineers to conceptualize their systems before coding.

Many of this Solution’s Smart Objects utilize ConceptDraw PRO’s RapidDraw functionality in a new way. When placed into a drawing, simply hovering the mouse over them will display RapidDraw arrows from a variety of connection points. Hovering over one of the RapidDraw arrows will then display a menu of icons from which related diagram elements can be selected and automatically drawn. Check out this video to see it in action:

For those already familiar with ConceptDraw PRO and RapidDraw, you’ll see this is a whole new paradigm that makes UML diagramming practically effortless. Even very complex diagrams can be assembled in just minutes. Future additions to Solution Park will continue expanding on this new modality for RapidDraw, broadening its scope to include additional varieties of diagram. The Rapid UML Solution marks a new chapter for ConceptDraw PRO. From here on, expect to see even more tools that make it easier than you ever imagined to create the diagrams you need for your business.