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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vehicular Networking Solution Blog

CS Odessa’s latest addition to ConceptDraw Solution Park is the Vehicular Networking Solution for ConceptDraw PRO. Developed with assistance from researchers at Concordia University, this Solution puts ConceptDraw PRO at the forefront of diagramming for an exciting and rapidly growing area of network administration: global/vehicular networking.

This Solution contains two new templates (with example drawings), and  a huge variety of new library objects, all custom tailored to meet the challenges of mapping mobile Wi Fi networks onboard planes, trains, automobiles, and many more. The included templates help network engineers represent both local and global vehicular networks.

The first template, Local Vehicular Networking, is best used to describe communication between vehicles and stationary nodes in wireless networks, and to account for challenges presented by architecture within those networks. The second template, Global Networks, can be used to map wireless communication between vehicles, earth-based nodes, and space-based nodes on a continental and global scale. The library for this template also includes large architecture elements such as cities.

The new templates and library objects are an essential toolkit for todays’ network administrators, as demand for mobile Wi Fi shows no signs of slowing and vehicle manufacturers are racing to add hotspot technology to their products. Line objects specifically styled for representing fiber optic, wireless, and sensor network connections make visualizing connections between satellites, planes, transmitter towers, ships, cars, and many more virtually effortless.

Putting vehicular network diagrams together using these elements is simple and efficient. Check out these quick video tutorials to get an idea of how easily you can get started with the ConceptDraw Vehicular Networking Solution.

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