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Monday, September 22, 2014

ConceptDraw PRO v10 Supports Visio 2013 File

In the process of conducting business, words alone often do not have the ability to describe a situation, state, or process with enough accuracy to guarantee successful communication to stakeholders, team members, and other assorted individuals. To convey a faultless understanding to others it is often necessary to include graphics and diagrams to support the meaning conveyed. The combination of words and graphics associated to the text is a powerful cohesive means of communication that removes participant doubt and improves clarity. The end result is to accelerate business. Business today is conducted at an incredible rate. The speed of business has increased for organizations of every size and for all participants.

Powerful business graphics and diagramming tools are the norm and not the exception for today’s businesses. For these important visual communication tools to do their job it is often important that they be compatible with a file format that can be easily shared with others. For years the de facto standard file format for business has been the Microsoft Visio™ file format. Many people involved in visual communication need software tools that will read and write the Visio file format.

With the introduction of Visio 2013 Microsoft has changed the native file format used in earlier versions of Microsoft Visio.  With the release of Visio 2013 the native file format is based on a new XML file structure that is highly compressed. The implementation of these file structure changes improves the customer experience. 

As a result when looking for a Visio alternative people, people need the ability to open and save in the newer Visio 2013 file format.  ConceptDraw PRO v10 is such a viable alternative for individuals and organizations that are looking for a professional business solution. ConceptDraw PRO v10 file import and export works round trip with the new Visio VSDX file format; plus ConceptDraw PRO is easy to use, and an economical solution. 

ConceptDraw PRO v9
Concept Draw PRO v10
Microsoft Visio 2013
Import/Export new file format VSDX
Microsoft Visio (previous to 2013)
Import/Export file format VDX
Improved Import/Export file format VDX

An additional plus is that ConceptDraw PRO and the other ConceptDraw products support both Apple OS X and Windows. CS Odessa from the first release of the ConceptDraw product line has designed and built its products to work on both of these powerful desktop systems. 

You or your organization use Macintosh? ConceptDraw is a powerful and inexpensive solution that will address all of your business and individual needs. You or your organization use PCs? Again ConceptDraw PRO addresses your business requirements. You or your organization use both PCs and Macs? Once again the solution to your business graphics needs is clear – ConceptDraw PRO v10.

Other important considerations are that ConceptDraw PRO v10 is a perpetual license, no additional monthly or annual payments required. ConceptDraw PRO is licensed per individual user, making for an economical solution. Our users do not need to individually pay and license ConceptDraw product to run on different operating systems. As a licensed individual user you can run your purchased product on both Macintosh and PC.

When looking for the right graphics software solution, be sure consider the following:

  1.  Open and save to Visio 2013 VSDX file format
  2. Supports Apple OS X and Windows
  3. Open and save Visio VDX file format (legacy Visio format)
  4. No charge technical support (web and phone)
  5. Perpetual license (no additional monthly or annual costs required)
  6. No need to be connect to the web or experience delays when working (internet connection only required for product activation)
  7. Low cost of ownership
  8. Extensive object libraries, samples, and templates included
  9. New graphic solutions available (via ConceptDraw Solution Park) on a frequent basis
  10. Discount pricing is available for academic, nonprofit, government, commercial, upgrade, and competitive upgrades (paid product)
  11. Can be purchased as an economical standalone license or purchased in conjunction with the comprehensive productivity suite of ConceptDraw Office (ConceptDraw Office includes: ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 - brain storming, note taking, presentations, ConceptDraw PROJECT v6 - project management, resource management, and ConceptDraw PRO v10 business graphics)
When surveying the marketplace for a business graphics software solution, ConceptDraw PRO v10 becomes the clear choice for you and your organization. Try a fully functioning 21 day trial copy of ConceptDraw PRO v10 for free.  Just register on, then download and install to enjoy the next generation of business graphics and diagramming product.