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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Computer & Networks Solution, Part 2

The Computers & Networks Solution has been one of our most popular Solutions since the launch of ConceptDraw PRO v9. Designed with IT professionals in mind, but easy enough for anyone to use, this Solution provides library objects, templates and examples for documenting network installations of any size. This discussion picks up right where we left off last time. See Part 1 for information about the Network Logical Structure Diagram, Network Communication Plan, Network Layout Diagram, and Rack Diagram templates.

The next component of the Computer & Networks Solution is the Server Services Scheme. This is a template for ConceptDraw MINDMAP that describes your utilized services and database servers. It creates a mind map showing the running services/virtual machines and hardware configuration of each server, as well as their relationships in your overall network. From the Input section of ConceptDraw MINDMAP, select Universal Diagramming>Computers & Networks>Servers. The new document contains three pages. The first shows the relationships of all the servers on your network, with two branches for internal and external. (The other two pages are examples for subsequent pages.) Create a new topic for each of your servers under the appropriate heading, then select one and right-click. From the context menu, select Send to New Page. This adds a new page to the document, connected by a hyperlink to the original page. On the new page, you’ll see the Main Idea is already labeled with the server name. The first topic you add should be the hardware information for the server (see the example pages). In the subsequent topics, describe the services for that server. Then you can return to the first page and create sub pages for each server in the same way. When you’re done, you’ll probably want to remove the sample pages.

Last but not least, we have the Interactive Voice Response template. This is a flowchart style template for ConceptDraw PRO that models the flow of information through your company’s phone network. Once you load up the example, it’s a simple matter to add shapes from the library, and edit or remove those in the drawing to show the way an outside caller navigates the nested menus of your phone system. Adding hyperlinks to shapes is an easy way to jump between multiple diagrams or to other documents such as scripts for operators and voicemail greetings.

The Computers & Networks Solution for ConceptDraw provides everything you need to document your network. IT professionals and novices alike will find the templates and sample drawings provide a great springboard for visually modeling all the necessary components of a network from high level conceptualization to real world implementation. Free 21 day trial versions of ConceptDraw products are available on Get started with yours today!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

CS Odessa Exhibits ConceptDraw at MacWorld 2012

That’s right: CS Odessa will be exhibiting at MacWorld this year and we could not be more excited! To celebrate, we’ll be offering a special on ConceptDraw Office that you’ll have to see to believe. The ConceptDraw Sales team will be in Booth #625 for the whole show, fielding questions and taking orders. This is an incredible opportunity to pick up the complete family of ConceptDraw products at a totally unprecedented value. Come see why ConceptDraw is the premiere cross-platform visualization and business productivity solution in the world, and take it home for a fraction of the usual price!

But wait, there’s more! We want to see you, our loyal readers, at MacWorld. So we are offering the first 100 people that follow this link a free guest pass to the show. You read that right: FREE for the first 100 people that register! So don’t wait. Click the link and register, and then check out ConceptDraw at Booth #625 in the MacWorld|iWorld Expo at Moscone Center in San Francisco, January 26-28, 2012. See you there!