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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Millenials Buy More Books than Baby Boomers

I ran across an interesting blog today at "How to Market to Me: Your Guide to Getting the Millenial Market.". The blog is owned by a very social media-savvy recent college grad.

The fact behind this particular post is that for the first time, millenials are buying more books than baby boomers. The conjecture is that this is because of the explosion, first, in ereader devices and, second, in ebooks.

When you think about writing, do you immediately think in terms of creating the kind of novel you pull off the bookshelf? Has your thinking about the form in which you write changed as a result of ebooks?

If you are free to publish on line any time you please, have you thought more about releasing a book a chapter at a time? How about taking suggestions from readers as you spin out the story?

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