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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roger Parker Maps The Brand of You

Double-whammy: Roger Parker at 7 writing tips for personal brand building success not only offers some great advice on personal branding, but he suggests mindmapping as a good way to help you put that advice into practice.

If you aren't aware of Roger Parker, you should be. He is a veritable gold mine of how-tos, lists, tricks, and just plain gool ol' advice for writers of all stripes.

It can be hard for some writers (like me, for example) to think of myself as a brand. It all seems like so much uber-marketing. I think, in retrospect, that I became a bit of a known commodity at one of my previous jobs. I didn't do anything to consciously promote myself as a brand. I was just doing my job, which got me in front of a fair number of people. And I had a certain amount of style.

As a result of that, I got some inkling into how useful it is to have people see your name and immediately feel like they've heard of you--that you're not a complete unknown.

I'm starting a freelance business here in Boise and am already thinking in terms of what I can do locally to put my company on the map. At this stage, it has to do with carefully defining and then promoting my distinct way of doing things--i.e., my "brand."

I've got some ideas about how I want people to perceive me, am looking forward to spread the word about myself--and I have Roger to thank for so freely sharing his knowledge. Thanks, Roger.

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