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Friday, October 23, 2009

Adapting, Change Is The Name of the Game

When you are in the middle of working on a critical task, and need to rapidly make changes, the last thing you want is your mind mapping software getting in the way and slowing you down.

Many times throughout a project life cycle, there are global changes that need to be made to the processes or project documentation,  that need to happen immediately. ConceptDraw MINDMAP enables you to rapidly perform a Find and Replace across single-page or multi-page maps.

You can easily and selectively find-and-replace from one topic, sub-topic text, topic notes, hyperlinks and resources. Imagine the power of being able to rapidly change resources in a large project!

This great feature adds incredible flexibility to how you work, giving you a tremendous ability to quickly and effortlessly, make changes within your mind map documents and projects.

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