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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tango Tab: Dining to End Hunger

This post has nothing to do with mind mapping--just a pretty cool idea you might be interested in. It's about Tango Tab, a new company that works with restaurants to help them fill seats during slow times of the day.

In return, restaurants who are able to fill seats that day pay a small fee to Tango Tab. Tango Tab then takes a portion of that fee and donates it to local organizations and agencies fighting hunger. One of those rare Win-Win-Wins...

Tango tab says it has donated more than 90,000 meals at local food banks to people in need. So far, the company works with restaurants in Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Hoboken, Los Angeles, New York City, Oklahoma City, Toronto, and Westchester (NY).

Maybe you could tell your local favorite eateries about it (or better yet, see if you can get a story in the local paper about it), and see if you can bring Tango Tab to your area.


  1. You're welcome. Sorry it took so long for me to post your comment. It's a great service and a great business model.