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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ALLTOP Bookmark. Mindjet's Pay-As-You-Go Plan

In looking at our stats to see where traffic to our site comes from, I ran across ALLTOP, a site that provides current and "Top" stories for hundreds of categories. The ALLTOP page for mind mapping stories is segmented by the blogs on which they appear.

Mindjet's New Pricing Plan
And in case you are wondering about the public reaction to Mindjet's decision to move to a monthly fee rather than purchase price, see the threads on The Mindmapping Software Blog and in the Mindjet Community area.

There seems to be pretty clear agreement that the new pricing strategy may optimize revenue from corporate users while leaving individual or small business users without much of an option... within Mindjet, that is.

Check Out Your Alternatives

There is an embarassment of options when it comes to mind mapping software. But for the money, ConceptDraw MINDMAP at $199 is a bargain considering the great customer support and feature set. And if you do project planning or business graphics, ConceptDraw OFFICE is a crazy wild deal!

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