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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mind Mapping: Your New Secret Weapon?

An article I just wrote on mind mapping, "Mind Mapping: Your New Secret Weapon?" was just published on

The focus of the article is how bloggers can use mind mapping to come up with topic ideas for their blogs.

Like all kinds of freelance writing, it can be really hard to continually generate new blog ideas. Mapping can be used to come up with the ideas themselves, and also to think about new sources of ideas.

Some of the ways you can get your mind working include:

  • Taking a class in something you've always wanted to learn.
  • Teaching a class in something you're good at--and especially those you want to be better at. (Nothing focuses the mind like knowing you're going to be standing in front a room full of people.)
  • Get out more. Go to cultural events. Just walking through a museum always get my mind turning.
  • And don't forget to seek opportunities to write guest blogs. Once again, putting yourself in a position where you have to organize your thoughts can help you think in new ways. Plus, most blogs allow you to insert a link back to your blog. Those inbound links are precious!

My wife and I just used mapping to manage a small home-remodeling project. I'm going to blog next about how to use mapping to manage all the little details that go into a remodeling project. It's an example of how versatile mind maps are. You can use them for the most ethereal and the most concrete things...

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