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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Porter's Five Forces in a ConceptDraw Mind Map

Porter's Five Forces in a Mind Map

Like analysis tools? How about a mind map template for Porter’s Five Forces which is often used for industry analysis?

I have placed a ConceptDraw MINDMAP template here for anyone to download that is setup to help you capture and display your data using Porter’s Five Forces. I placed a small example in the same map on page two so you are able to see how to build the map. I used Ford Motor Company as my example and I would like to place a disclaimer here that I am not an automotive industry expert, but built it to show how the data could be structured and displayed.

One other benefit from this map is that when you use this template and get it setup for your industry it exports really well into a PowerPoint slide presentation using the ppt outline mode export. I find this very handy for presenting observed results.


  1. is there a way to convert this to mindmanager format?

  2. Sorry but there is no way to convert to MindManager format. The Porter Five Forces map is on two pages and other mapping programs do not support two pages. ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows you to open MindManager files, but MindManager cannot open ConceptDraw MINDMAP files.

  3. are there absolutely no way of converting ConceptDraw to MindJet Mindmanager?