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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Wonder Wheel

I just learned about Google Wonder Wheel. Has anyone else heard of this? I would have thought it would send ripples of... I don't know... wonder? Fear? Fascination? When you do a Google search, the results page include a link in the upper left to "Show Options."

Click on that and you get a long menu that includes "Wonder wheel." Click on this and you see the results as a rudimentary, clickable mind map. The map is somewhat reminiscent of The Brain in that when you click on one of the branches, that branch becomes the new center of the map.

The Wonder Wheel view doesn't exactly take my breath away. What does though is that Google is investigating the mind-mapping paradigm? How far will they take it.

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  1. Hi Hobie:

    I wrote about this on my blog awhile ago and thought that it was interesting in that Google would explore this.