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Monday, January 4, 2010

Planning a Project with ConceptDraw Office

The Plan Action Stage of a project details the ideas and then plans out the actions necessary for implementation. In addition, forecasts are developed of the expected results of a project for use by upper management and investors.

Precise organization and planning when creating draft project timelines and budget are critical components for future projects. At the Plan Action and Organize Project Stages, a project timeline is mapped out for task and resource (people, equipment, and materials) allocation.

Figure 1: Planning a Project with ConceptDraw PROJECT.

ConceptDraw Office contains the tools necessary to handle these two important stages:

  • ConceptDraw PROJECT is well integrated with ConceptDraw MINDMAP, saving time when setting up a project and all the necessary supporting components.

  • Plan project actions in detail. Simplifying job delegation and responsibilities using ConceptDraw's PROJECT Gantt chart.

Figure 2: Creating a Mind Map from Gantt Chart using ConceptDraw Office.

1. To modify schedules and project detail it is possible to create a mind map from selected tasks.

2. Open project files in ConceptDraw MINDMAP and make a single mind map of all your projects. It is convenient to keep all the related files to a project in one place. A single Knowledge Map, supporting multiple pages and hyperlinks, easily becomes the main information source for a project of any size.


ConceptDraw Office helps minimizes the amount of operations during the planning stage of a project and improves the everyday workflow of any project by utilizing visual methods to represent project information.

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