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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Effectively Use a Mind Map to Take Notes During Meetings and Presentations

Step 1. From ConceptDraw MINDMAP, open the presentation map “History Of Psychology”.

Step 2. Turn on the Full Screen mode from the View menu or press F5.

Step 3. During a meeting or presentation, as participant states something of importance that relates to a particular topic, insert a callout attached to this topic. Select a topic, and right-click. Select Callout Topic.

Step 4. Enter notes or comments in the new callout.

Step 5. If you would like to create a callout that pertains to the entire mind map, instead of a specific topic, in a blank space of the mind map, left-click the mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key. Add a floating topic.

Step 6. Throughout the meeting or presentation, continue to add Callouts and Floating Topics.

Step 7. Add details as subtopics. Use Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Cmd+Enter (Mac OS X).

Step 8. Use Symbols to make small notes and save words. In our example, we use the heart to visually depict the “Sensations/Feelings” topic. Press F9 to view the Symbols panel.

Step 9. Repeat the above steps to modify and add to the mind map.

Result. At the end of a meeting or presentation, your mind map should be complete with important ideas, notes, comments, symbols, and callouts.

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