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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Pay Double?? ConceptDraw Offers Cross-Platform Licenses for Mac and PC, at No Extra Charge.

ConceptDraw Products provide one a choice.
Choice is important.  No one wants to be told that their options are limited.  “Soup or salad?”  “Coffee or tea?”  “Mac or PC?”  We find that many users want the best of both worlds.  And while this usually only applies to computer choice when they’re talking to us, the point stands.  These days, many people use both Mac and PC—whether out of preference or necessity.  At CS Odessa, we believe you should be able to use whichever system you choose, or both.

For those who use Mac and PC, we feel that your software should not penalize you. All ConceptDraw licenses are cross-platform.  Customers should not have to pay double to use our software they way they want to use it.  The file formats of ConceptDraw products are exactly the same for the Mac and PC, so there are never any issues with interoperability.

Mac or PC?  ConceptDraw is the only choice you have to make.

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