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Sunday, March 14, 2010

McGee on Pink

Dan Pink.

I've made a couple of references in the past to Jim McGee's "Musings" blog. He recently posted about one of my favorite modern cultural thinkers, Dan Pink. Enclosed in McGee's post is the presentation Pink did at TED. Go to Jim's blog and watch Dan Pink at TED.

As McGee says, "Once you begin to understand and accept what the evidence base says about motivation, you are left with the challenge of how to take advantage of your new understanding in the face of entrenched systems and practices that haven’t caught up with you. Sharing Pink’s book with your colleagues wouldn’t be a bad way to start."

I've mentioned TED before too. And if you haven't seen much of what goes on at TED, here's where you can go to find out all about the TED Conferences.

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