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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Communications in Web Design

Web designers are constantly working towards satisfying clients with great looking sites that function extremely well.

The best way to achieve such client satisfaction is to clearly understand the expectations of your clients. One of the biggest challenges is to break through the complexity of communication and minimize the disparity of understanding between client and designer.

As a rule a client is not a professional web designer. With that said, it can be very difficult for clients to share accurate specifications for a designer. As a result a designer may waste a lot of time while the client loses a lot of money. The designer will think that the client doesn’t know what they want, and the client will think the designer is unprofessional.

The solution? ConceptDraw PRO.

By utilizing ConceptDraw PRO, clients can easily create a website sketch without any previous drawing skills or web-design knowledge. Using ConceptDraw PRO library objects clients are able to create a website sketch that is clear to the designer in less than 30 minutes.

A website sketch can be in the form of a website map, web page layout, or user scenario. A website sketch is a great tool in helping create a mutual understanding between the client and web designer.

As a result, both the client and designer will save time and money.

The designer can quickly create a website layout using ConceptDraw PRO to present a prototype of the future site.

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